Hair Loss

What is hair loss (alopecia)?

Hair loss/baldness is the loss of some or all head hair caused both by genes (inherited) and hormone reasons. Most cases of hair loss occur in individuals that have both the inherited and hormonal factors present.

What are the signs and symptoms of hair loss?

In men hair loss presents in the front and top of the head. In women hair loss is more diffuse and occurs mainly in the center area of the top of the scalp and the adjacent parts on each side. Men’s hair loss is classified according to the Norwood/Hamilton scale, women’s hair loss according to the Ludwig scale.

How is hair loss treated?

It is possible to treat hair loss through oral and topical medication. Those who do not respond to either of those medication types may have to consider a permanent hair transplant procedure where small pieces of hair are taken from high density growth areas and transplanted to the scalp, which has no or little hair.