Cosmetic Surgery

What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is performed by plastic surgeons in emergency or elected situations and includes the following procedures:

  • Ear reconstruction – for congenital ear deformities (ears that stick out to side) or “pulled through” earrings;
  • Eye job (blepharoplasty) – surgery designed to lift sagging eyelids or to raise eyebrows;
  • Face lift – combination of fixing the eyelid (blepharoplasty), lift forehead wrinkles and a “neck job” to remove extra skin and tighten the skin underneath the chin. This procedure fixes baggy or drooping eyes, saggy skin, eye, forehead and neck wrinkles;
  • Hair restoration (transplant) – mini hair transplants for hair loss;
  • Nose job (rhinoplasty) – for crooked nose (nasal septum deviation) or better appearance;
  • Skin excisions – removal of moles or skin cancer in cosmetically sensitive areas (eg. face);
  • Skin grafts – covering of skin defects from cancer removal or deep burns using a skin transfer (process involving the removal of healthy skin from an inconspicuous area on the patient and transferred to defected area);
  • Varicose vein surgery or injection – technique to solve problems caused by varicose veins in the legs of a patient; and
  • Z-plasty – technique to hide scars and improve wound healing by removing tension from wound edges using special cuts.