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Optic Neuritis

What is optic neuritis (papillitis)? Optic neuritis (papillitis) is an inflammation of the optic nerve head that is visible with the ophthalmoscope as a yellow disc. It usually presents on one eye only. Most commonly it is seen with multiple sclerosis, where it is due to demyelination of the optic nerve. What are the signs […]

Optic Atrophy

What is optic atrophy? Optic atrophy occurs when the optic nerve stops working and undergoes degeneration. What are the signs and symptoms of optic atrophy? Depending on what the underlying cause is, the symptoms can be quite different. Long before the progressive optic atrophy develops, there may have been double vision first because of weakness […]

Higher optic pathway lesion

What is a higher optic pathway lesion? Depending on where an interruption (lesion) of the optic pathway takes place, there would be a different, but very characteristic visual field defects that range from partial to complete blindness. What are the signs and symptoms of a higher optic pathway lesion? The signs and symptoms depend on […]

Optic Nerve Problems

What are optic nerve problems? The optic nerve (optic disc or papilla) forms the whitish/yellow knob that the physician sees through the ophthalmoscope or the slit lamp Door at the back of the eye. This is where all of the nerves that collect information bundle together and form the beginning of the optic nerve. When […]

Macular Degeneration

What is macular degeneration? Macular degeneration is the aging of the retina that occurs as we age. There are two ways this degeneration can occur, a dry form (common) and a wet form (rare). What are the signs and symptoms of macular degeneration? Signs and symptoms of macular degeneration include a visual loss without pain […]

Lacrimal Gland

What are lacrimal gland and drainage problems? The lacrimal glands produce the tear fluid that lubricates the eye lids so they can blink with a minimum of resistance/friction keeping the cornea from drying out. The excess tear fluid is collected in a system of ducts that end up draining into the inside of the nose. […]


What is glaucoma? Glaucoma is an eye disease that occurs in two forms, the open-angle glaucoma found in about 70% of glaucomas and jordans for sale the angle-closure glaucoma, which occurs in about 10% of all cases. The remaining 20% are more difficult to classify. Usually glaucoma develops from a blockage of the Schlemm’s canal. […]

Refractive Errors

What are eyesight problems (refractive errors)? Eyesight problems (refractive errors) are common in the early teenage years and in the mid 40s to 50s. Errors include myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (far-sightedness). What Cheap MLB Jerseys are the signs and symptoms of eyesight problems? Uncorrected myopia (nearsightedness) causes eyesight to be blurred. Objects in front would […]

Eye infection

What is an eye infection or eye inflammation? Eye infections are common. They can occur in the outer part of the eye (conjunctivitis, herpetic cornea infection etc.), in the eye lids, the lacrimal glands (tear glands) and ducts or within the eyeball itself. Common eye infections include: • Allergic conjunctivitis – pollen allergies or toxic […]


What is conjunctivitis? Conjunctivitis is an inflammation within the conjunctiva of the eye. The conjunctiva is a membrane that contains blood vessels and that lines the sclera (the white of the eye) and the inside surface of the eye lids. When it is inflamed the blood vessels get engorged and the eye has a “pink […]