What is rhinosinusitis?

Rhinosinusitis is a bacterial condition that causes nasal discharge of pus. It is a combination of rhinitis and sinusitis.

What are the signs and symptoms of rhinosinusitis?

Signs and symptoms of rhinosinusitis include:
• Pussy discharge from only one nostril;
• Gnawing pain in cheek bone on one side;
• Upper toothache on one side;
• One-sided facial pain present more than 10 days into cold;
• CT scan, ultrasound or plain X-rays show sinus fluid level;
• High fever restarts after a period of normal temperature;
• Poor response to decongestants.

How is rhinosinusitis diagnosed?

If 3 of the symptoms listed above are positive after 7 days, there is a probability of 80 to 90% that the diagnosis of bacterial rhinosinusitis is correct. A physician may use a CT scan, ultrasound, or X-ray to show sinus fluid level.

How is rhinosinusitis treated?

The vast majority of patients who do not experience three of the symptoms listed above for 7 days would simply inhale with hot steam as described under sinusitis to moisturize the airways and facilitate a spontaneous recovery from the illness.

Otrivin nasal solution is also a useful measure to keep the nasal passages open. The other 2 to 3% of the total cold population would need amoxicillin, or if the bacterium is resistant in the region where the patient lives another antibiotic would be prescribed arrive by the physician.

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