What is rhinitis?

Rhinitis is an inflammation within the nose. It can be allergic rhinitis (caused by environmental allergens such as house dust, tree pollens etc.) or non-allergenic rhinitis (occurs due to room temperature changes, changes in humidity of the air or because of hot or cold drinks).

What are the signs and symptoms of rhinitis?

Signs and symptoms of rhinitis include:
• frequent blockage of the nasal passage;
• runny nose (clear and watery);
• itchy eyes and nose;
• postnasal drip; and
• frequent sneezing.

How is rhinitis treated?

Symptom control is the most important part of successful treatment of rhinitis. Mild allergic rhinitis can often be controlled with antihistamines or oral decongestants. However, Wholesale NFL Jerseys with more persistent symptoms allergy testing is recommended.

With inhalant allergies like tree cheap nhl jerseys pollen, grass pollen or dust, skin testing may help identify the offending substances (allergens) to which the patient is allergic. This is followed with a desensitization program using allergy injections with a serum that contains the diluted mixture of the allergens. Eventually the patient can be maintained with a program of one injection every 2 or 3 weeks. This is extremely well tolerated and patients hardly ever need any antihistamines for breakthrough allergies. For allergic rhinitis Cromolyn can be used on a prophylactic basis. Intranasal steroid sprays are safe to use on an ongoing basis and are useful in all forms of rhinitis.

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