Refractive Errors

What are eyesight problems (refractive errors)?

Eyesight problems (refractive errors) are common in the early teenage years and in the mid 40s to 50s. Errors include myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (far-sightedness).

What Cheap MLB Jerseys are the signs and symptoms of eyesight problems?

Uncorrected myopia (nearsightedness) causes eyesight to be blurred.

Objects in front would be in focus, but the landscape in the background is not. Nearsightedness is caused by either the eye being too long (axial myopia) or eye having too much refractive power (refractive myopia).

Hyperopia (farsightedness) causes difficulties seeing things close to the person. Reading glasses help the patient to read in focus again.
Astigmatism causes the surface of the cornea to resemble the asymmetric shape of a rugby ball.

How are eyesight problems diagnosed?

The simplest test to check the overall vision is a visual acuity test. Using eye charts the doctor or optometrist will determine which of the letters or numbers you can still accurately read (20/20 vision is perfect) at a certain distance.

How are eyesight problems treated?

Glasses and contact lenses are that main conventional means of correcting visual problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

There are also operative methods (refractive surgery) that can now be used.

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