Optic Atrophy

What is optic atrophy?

Optic atrophy occurs when the optic nerve stops working and undergoes degeneration.

What are the signs and symptoms of optic atrophy?

Depending on what the underlying cause is, the symptoms can be quite different. Long before the progressive optic atrophy develops, there may have been double vision first because of weakness in the eye muscle coordination. There may also be a sudden loss of vision.

How is optic atrophy diagnosed?

The physician looks through the ophthalmoscope or examines the eye with the help of the slit lamp.

How is optic atrophy treated?

Unfortunately, if optic atrophy has taken place and the nerve tissue is lost, nothing can be done to help this patient. However, if in an acute optic atrophy case the eye pressure is found to be too high (glaucoma), the eye pressure can be quickly lowered and the patient may recover some or all of the vision. Similarly, removal of the tumour can often restore most, if not all of the vision.

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