What is a nosebleed (epistaxis)?

Nosebleeds occur when blood is released from the nose due to a great number of reasons. Although most nose bleeds are only a nuisance, occasionally life-threatening blood loss can result from them.

Common causes of nosebleeds include:
• Sinus infection,
• Rhinitis;
• Cold;
• Allergic rhinitis;
• Dry air;
• Juvenile nasopharungeal angiofibroma;
• Blood thinning; and
• High blood pressure.

How is a nosebleed treated?

In an emergency the physician may have to stop an acute bleed through a procedure called tamponade where packing is applied into the affected nostril. There are probes that can be inserted and inflated.

An ENT surgeon could cheap nba jerseys address the bleeder directly and cauterize the bleeding blood vessel in the anesthetized patient. The underlying condition (see table) has to be addressed by appropriate therapy.

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