Nose Cancer

What is nose cancer?

Nose cancer occurs in the membranes within the nose. Ray Ban Sunglasses It can be caused by several environmental factors.

What are the signs and symptoms of nose cancer?

Cancer of the nose and the sinuses are often asymptomatic until late. As the nose cancers are more prominent in the nasal cavity they may be diagnosed earlier from an unexplained nose bleed. However, the sinus cancers are often harder to find. Some of the symptoms include:
• nasal obstruction only on one side;
• pressure on one eye;
• excessive tearing of the eye;
• double vision;
• upper teeth that are loosening, and
• dentures in the upper gums that no longer fit.

How is nose cancer diagnosed?

Like with any other cancer, a tissue biopsy must be done to diagnose the type of cancer. This can be done with a non-invasive fiberoptic nasopharyngeal endoscopy. CT scanning is done as well to NFL Jerseys Cheap help in the staging of nasal or sinus cancer.

How is nose cancer treated?

A combination of surgery and radiotherapy is usually necessary to control the cancer. If systemic metastases are present combination chemotherapy is also necessary.

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