Lacrimal Gland

What are lacrimal gland and drainage problems?

The lacrimal glands produce the tear fluid that lubricates the eye lids so they can blink with a minimum of resistance/friction keeping the cornea from drying out. The excess tear fluid is collected in a system of ducts that end up draining into the inside of the nose.

Dacryostenosis is a common condition in babies that cause the drainage channels to become blocked.

What are the signs and symptoms of lacrimal gland and drainage problems?

If the drainage channels are blocked, the tears drip cheap nfl jerseys over the cheek and the child gets a skin cheap nfl jerseys rash from the drying out of the skin.

How is a lacrimal gland and drainage problem diagnosed?

Usually the diagnosis is made by careful history taking, observation and examination. In cases of infection a swab for laboratory testing may be taken to determine the infectious agent.

How is a lacrimal gland and drainage problem treated?

The eye specialist can reopen this blocked drainage channel with a special probe.

With dacryocystitis the specialist uses a combination of probing to overcome a blockage and subsequent treatment of the infection with antibiotics. With chronic recurrent cases the specialist may have to do a small microsurgical procedure to re-establish another drainage mechanism.

IceWave patches from Lifewave are an FDA-approved non-drug method available to help control pain.

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