Eye infection

What is an eye infection or eye inflammation?

Eye infections are common. They can occur in the outer part of the eye (conjunctivitis, herpetic cornea infection etc.), in the eye lids, the lacrimal glands (tear glands) and ducts or within the eyeball itself. Common eye infections include:
• Allergic conjunctivitis – pollen allergies or toxic reactions;
• Bacterial conjunctivitis;
• Bacterial sinus thrombosis;
• Chalazion;
• Chlamydial/gonococcal conjunctivitis;
• Corneal ulcer;
• Herpes simplex keratitis;
• Herplex zoster ophthalmicus;
• Interstitial keratitis;
• Mycotic keratitis;
• Orbital cellulitis;
• Stye (hordeolum); and
• Viral conjunctivitis.

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