Acute Epiglottitis

What is acute epiglottitis?

Acute epiglottitis (throat swelling) is a life-threatening respiratory condition, which can occur suddenly in children. It is an acute inflammation of the epiglottis wholesale jerseys caused by a bacterial infection. The epiglottis is a structure in the back of the cheap oakleys tongue and oakley sunglasses sale above the entrance to the throat that protects the airways from food that is being swallowed.

What are the signs and symptoms of acute epiglottitis?

Signs and symptoms of acute epiglottitis include:
• high fever;
• throat pain;
• hoarseness;
• problems swallowing; and
• faster breathing.

How is acute epiglottitis treated?

A team consisting of an ENT specialist, an anesthesiologist and a pediatrician is usually required for acute epiglottitis. Initially Australie laryngoscopy may be NFL Jerseys China required to inspect, take cultures and immediately place a small intubation tube. If this procedure fails, an immediate tracheotomy (an opening between jordan retro 11 the skin and the trachea) must be made to place an airway. Close observation in an intensive care unit is important to monitor that no further deterioration occurs.

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