What is tetanus?

Tetanus is a common infection, which enters into the skin through open wounds, skin abrasion, burns or by injection with dirty needles containing tetanus spores. It causes “lockjaw”, which is the common other name for tetanus. Tetanus grows best in deep wounds, abscesses, crushed muscles and ligaments.

Tetanus neonatorum occurs in children born to mothers who are not immunized to tetanus.

What are the signs and symptoms of tetanus?

The most common symptom of tetanus is jaw stiffness. Other signs and symptoms include:
• Restlessness;
• Swallowing problems;
• Stiff neck, arms, and legs;
• Raised eyebrows;
• Spasm in facial muscles (appears as a permanent smile);
• Rubber-like spasms (opisthotonus) in abdominal and back muscles;
• Urinary retention;
• Constipation;<br Juegos />
• Profuse sweating;
• Generalized spasms in body;
• Fever;
• Headache;
• Coma;
• Respiratory distress;
• Increase in white blood count; and
• Deafness.

How is tetanus diagnosed?

Tetanus is typically diagnosed by the physician if a non-immunized patient has a history of a wound followed by muscle stiffness or spasm.
The physician may also request X-rays and sputum cultures.

How is tetanus treated?

Treatment focuses on providing adequate airway by intubation and tracheotomy (opening through the trachea) with a ventilator machine Cheap nfl Jerseys attached to the breathing tube. The patient may be intubated for 2 or 3 weeks in an Intensive Care Unit setting.

Wound debridement, removal of dirt and of dead tissue, Ray Ban sale and exposure and revision of penetrating wounds (knife, gun shot wounds) has to be done adequately by a surgeon. The hyperirritability is discount oakley treated with benzodiazepines and other medications. Antibiotics are also given to prevent further multiplication of the tetanus bacilli, but the already released toxin will not be reduced by this. Tetracycline and penicillin are the drugs cheap nfl jerseys of choice; metronidazole (brand name: Flagyl) in high doses cheap jerseys is also recommended.

How is tetanus prevented?

Immunization is the most effective method of tetanus prevention.

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