Signs and Symptoms

What are the signs and symptoms of acne?

The basic sign of acne is the development of an acne lesion/black head. This is a skin wholesale football jerseys china pore plug
made up of old thickened skin oil. The black head may go through the following stages:

• Black head (comedone);
• Yellow head (pustule) – a NFL Jerseys Cheap mini abscess just below the comedone;
• Papule – smaller than 5 millimetres in size, a local inflammation that gives the skin a raised appearance;
• Nodule (or cyst) – larger than 5 millimetres in size, itching and burning lesion which the patient wants to squeeze;
• Sinus tract – repeat healing over and re-breaking or chronic cysts leading to sinus tract formation underneath the skin. It also causes scaring.

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