Food Safety

What is food safety?

Food safety is another important point to consider when shopping. It includes food handling and storage.

What does proper food preparation require?

Food preparation requires a food preparation area that is meticulously clean and sanitized. This includes cutting areas. Wooden cutting boards are inferior to glass cutting surfaces which can be cleaned a lot more effectively with bleach and water.

All meats have to be cooked so that they are no longer pink, and special care has to be taken with ground meats. Once meat has been cooked, it has to be kept hot till consumption, or if it was prepared ahead of time, it must be cooled down quickly and refrigerated. Never leave perishable foods like meat, eggs, cheese, or cooked meals at room temperature! Bacteria love room temperature, will multiply rapidly and serious food-borne illness can be a consequence. The same goes for preparations containing egg, like mayonnaise, egg salad sandwiches, salads with mayo-based dressings, or desserts made with egg whites.

Why is refrigeration important?

Refrigeration is important as foods that don’t remain cold are subject to bacterial growth and consequently spoilage as a result. Keeping a package of deli meats in a warm car during a day-long shopping trip translates very quickly into food-borne illness for those eating the meat (food poisoning). Bacteria and bacteria toxin are odourless and cannot be tasted, yet they can be extremely dangerous.

All products that nfl jerseys cheap require refrigeration have to be kept cold and should be brought home to be stored in the refrigerator at 4 degrees Celsius. In warmer weather this may involve carrying a cold pack and an insulated bag. This is not exaggerating safety: the critical time limit is 2 hours. Deep frozen foods have to be brought home and stored in the freezer at -18 °C (= 0°F). Previously frozen or defrosted items cannot be refrozen!

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