Eating Out

What is a nutritious choice while eating out?

Fast food restaurants often come under fire and are blamed for poor nutrition. box If you are an uninformed consumer this will be true: fast food places can offer the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s up to you to make the appropriate nutritional choices as opposed to picking the quick non-nutritional fix.

Here are some examples of what to eat when eating out:


1. Forgo the pancakes with syrup or the hash browns.
2. If there is a breakfast bar, have a small helping of oatmeal, eat a portion of scrambled egg and enjoy some fruit. It may be a little higher in fat than your usual breakfast.
3. Some restaurants will offer “heart smart” choices like an omelette made with either egg substitute or more egg whites than Wholesale nfl Jerseys egg fake oakleys yolk. This would be a good choice along with some fruit.
4. Drink tea or coffee with no sugar, or add sugar substitutes like Splenda (comes in powder form or as pre-packaged mini paper bags). Some cream is O.K.
5. Remember: No bread, no toast, no ordinary cereal flakes as this would within 1/2 hour be pure sugar in your system starting the hyperinsulism cycle promoting the syndrome of insulin resistance.

If you are on the run, and it is getting late, it is better to have a snack as a touch-up. An apple and fruit (e.g. mandarin orange), a piece of mozzarella cheese (string cheese is also handy), and 4 almonds will tide you over till the next larger meal. Another option is to carry a nutrition bar in your pocket. Look for a product with a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Some power bars do not offer you balanced ingredients: either they are too high in carbohydrates or they over emphasize the amount of protein.


1. Choose the grilled chicken item. Do not order the hamburger or chicken nuggets.
2. Order your grilled chicken without mayonnaise and eat only half ray ban outlet the bun.
3. Order a side salad and ask for dressing on the side.
4. Have a piece of fruit for dessert (bring an apple or buy one at the corner store.)

This type of selection fulfills the criteria of:

• having a protein food (about the size of the palm of your hand);
• having carbohydrate food (a bit of the bun and a salad, as well as the fruit); and
• having a moderate amount of fat intake.


1. Study the menu and pick a choice of protein food that is lean. Look for non-breaded fish or meat, or choose tofu.
2. Order a salad. Skip the croutons and order the low fat dressing on the side.
3. At the time of your order request an extra side vegetable instead of the pasta, rice or potatoes.
4. Forget the garlic bread or the dinner buns with butter.
5. Once your meal arrives, eat only the meat portion you need (remember the palm of your hand measure). Ask for a doggie bag for the surplus. You will enjoy it the day after.
6. Skip dessert, unless it is a piece of fruit.

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