Chronic Pancreatitis

What is chronic pancreatitis?

Chronic pancreatitis cheap China Jerseys occurs when acute pancreatitis heals with scarring causing the small ducts within the pancreas to become narrowed in certain areas (strictures). This leads to plugging up of these sections within the pancreas with backed up highly corrosive secretions, which were meant to digest food, not the pancreas itself. The scarred areas of the pancreas calcify after a few months and years of recurrent pancreatitis attacks.

What are the signs and symptoms of chronic pancreatitis?

The pancreatitis attacks are very similar to the ones of acute pancreatitis. However, there are now more symptoms of chronicity. As the function of the digestive system becomes increasingly missing due to the loss of enzyme production in the pancreas, the patient experiences rapid weight loss. When the digestive function is reduced to less than 10% of normal, the patient complaints of undigested fat in the bulky stools (steatorrhea). High blood sugar levels from a lack of insulin develop (diabetes mellitus).

How is chronic pancreatitis diagnosed?

Diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis requires X-rays and CT scan show the chronically scarred, abnormal pancreas. Blood tests are requested to diagnose the severity of diabetes.

How is chronic pancreatitis treated?

During the end stage of chronic pancreatitis, the objective is to make life liveable again. The chronic pain can be so disabling that the highest objective might be to find a way to minimize the suffering. The gastroenterologist will want to consult closely with a general surgeon to look at the tests including CT scans to plan what, if any procedure should be done for that particular patient.

IceWave patches from Lifewave are an FDA-approved non-drug method available to help control pain.

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