How does attitude affect health?

Research has shown that our mental attitudes have a profound effect on our physical health too. Type A personalities are people who constantly hurry, rush, and push themselves (and others) to be faster, better, smarter. They tend to blow up when things are not going according to their liking They are more likely to come down with health problems including heart attacks. The behaviour patterns of this type A population group sets the stage for destructive effects and an unhealthy approach to life.

In contrast, type B personalities do not suffer from the western hurry sickness. It is a fallacy to believe, that only type A persons are achievers. In the long run, a type B person will achieve as much or more than a driven type A individual.

Why is social support important?

Social support enables people to weather stressful passages in life, which otherwise would be a very lonely journey. Connecting with family and friends results in the formation of relationships that can sustain us through major stresses and minor hassles.

Social support can also make a difference in cases of depression. People with depression are about three times as likely to die of heart disease than people who do not suffer of depression. They are also more likely to run into problems with their immune system.

How do anger and hostility affect health?

Anger and hostility are not only emotions that make your life and that of others miserable. Hostile individuals are on a potential suicide mission. They are five cheap oakleys times more at a risk to die before the age of 50 than people who are not hostile and get mad at the drop of a hat. Anger and hostility become risk factors for heart disease.

How do you achieve and maintain mental fitness?

First, it is important to be affectionate and empathetic (without conditions attached) towards people around you, and love and accept yourself. Achieving and maintaining fitness of the mind is an ongoing project. It is a task for our lifetime. It comes down to learning some exercises that promote our emotional well being and help us cope with cheap nba jerseys stress. We can learn meditation and relaxation.

Secondly, it is important to get to know to ourselves more intimately by examining our habits, thought patterns, and attitudes. This project will bring forth surprises, wonderful discoveries, and inspiring benefits. The small daily steps ultimately make this a fascinating journey with profound insights into our mental and physical functions and how they work together in harmony. Enjoy this process to the fullest!

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