Williams Syndrome

What is Williams syndrome?

This chromosomal abnormality develops due to a deletion of more than 20 genes from a region of chromosome 7. It occurs with a frequency of 1 in 7,500 births.

What are the signs and symptoms of Williams syndrome?

Children with Williams syndrome are outgoing and friendly, but inappropriately easy with strangers. They have a love of music and often have perfect pitch, but at the same time they are extremely sensitive to Cheap Jordans loud noises (noise hypersensitivity), like guns firing, siren sounds, fire crackers, balloons bursting etc.

More psychological clues are an obsession to talk to adults, but having problems forming relationships with their peers. There is excessive talking in an inappropriate “adult” language. Obsession in certain objects like cars etc. are common as are fear of heights. Exaggerated display of emotions (fear, anger, sadness, happiness, thông excitement etc.) and uninhibited behavior create social problems. They have poor spatial orientation, but excellent social skills.

Other signs and symptoms of Williams syndrome include:
• Wide mouth;
• Large slack bottom lip;
• Widely-space and irregular teeth;
• Widened aortic valve (supravalvular discount oakley stenosis);
• Kidney defect;
• Lack of muscle coordination;
• Muscle weakness; and
• Mental retardation.

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