Turner Syndrome

What is Turner syndrome?

Turner syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality where the Y (female) sex chromosome is missing. The majority of these pregnancies end with spontaneous miscarriages. Cheap Jordan Shoes The appearance of a person with Turner syndrome can vary from case to case as there can be a mixture of chromosomal abnormalities.

Individuals with Turner syndrome tend to have a normal intelligence. They tend to have ray ban sunglasses sale poor math skills yet excel in language.

What are the signs and symptoms of Turner syndrome?

Common signs and symptoms of Turner syndrome include:
• Puffy back of hands and top of feet (due to blockage in lymphatic drainage);
• Skin folds from neck to shoulders (webbing of neck);
• Short stature;
• Broad chest;
• Widely spaced nipples;
• Low hairline in the neck region;
• Brown spots (pigmented nevi) on the skin;
• Shortened bones in hand;
• Aortic valve disease; and
• Kidney abnormalities.

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