What is nodular melanoma (NM)?

Nodular melanoma (NM) is a melanoma that grows on the trunk, neck, and head. The lesions are a cheap football jerseys blue or black colour and are cheap Oakleys sunglasses raised and dome-shaped. They tend to be 1 wholesale football jerseys or 2 cm in diameter and can occasionally grow like a cauliflower. It is typically diagnosed in middle-aged men.

What is lentigo maligna melanoma (LMM)?

This is a form of melanoma that is more benign and tends not to metastasize (spread). However, the size of the lesion can be cheap oakleys a problem. The lesion are around jordans for cheap 3 cm in diameter or larger, typically tan-coloured with different shades of brown. They tend to grow on the face or neck of older white women.


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