Multiple Myeloma

What cheap nfl jerseys wholesale is multiple myeloma?

Multiple myeloma is a form of bone marrow cancer wholesale nfl jerseys that develops out of the bone marrow of the long bones in the arms and legs, spine, and cheap nfl jerseys skull bone. It is the most common form Documents of bone cancer. It typically affects those over 40-years-old and is slightly more common in males than females.

What are the signs and symptoms of multiple myeloma?

Multiple myeloma causes unexplained bone pains in the back cheap jerseys china or rib cage. Other signs and symptoms include:
• kidney failure;
• night time urination (nocturia);
• laziness;
• lack of concentration;
• fatigue;
• anemia;
• recurrent bacterial infections; and
• lesions on affected bones.

How is multiple myeloma diagnosed?

A diagnosis of multiple myeloma is based on blood tests, X-rays and biopsy tests.

How is multiple myeloma treated?

Multiple myeloma is a progressive disease, but it can be delayed significantly with attention to detail and interventional therapy tailored to the needs of the patient. Treatment consists of non-specific measures such as rehydration and increased physical activity of the patient. Occasionally, palliative radiotherapy may be provided. Infection would be treated with antibiotics. Specific treatment consists of chemotherapy. Frequent follow-up visits and blood tests are required to control multiple myeloma and to maintain vital body functions.

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