Chronic – CML

What are the signs and symptoms of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML)?

At first, the patient may be asymptomatic. The diagnoses may be made during a general check-up with a general blood-screening test. As CML develops, the patient may:
• Feel tired and weak;
• Experience a loss of appetite and weight loss;
• Develop a fever and night sweats; and
• Experience a feeling of abdominal fullness and bloatedness.

Upon physical examination the physician would find an enlarged spleen and lymph glands.

How is CML diagnosed?

A blood test cheap oakleys sunglasses is used in the early stages and may be followed by tests such as a bone marrow aspirate and/or bone marrow biopsy.

How is CML treated?

Interferon therapy is the preferred treatment of CML. This treatment is used until it has wiped out the abnormal leukemia cells. A bone marrow transplant may Cheap Jordan Shoes be used in difficult cases. This technique is used to completely eliminate the abnormal Cheap Jordan Shoes cells and to replace old bone marrow cheap football jerseys with disease free marrow.

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