What is chondrosarcoma?

Chondrosarcoma is a form of bone cancer due to a malignant tumor of cartilage. It tends to occur at the end of long bones and is frequent in adults. Osteochondromas are mushroom-like benign growths that may Wholesale NFL Jerseys also develop.

What are the signs and symptoms of chondrosarcoma?

Bone pain Cheap Jerseys From China is the most common symptom associated with chondrosarcoma. Signs of the tumor will only appear though CT охотпользователей or MRI scan as it is formed of cartilage.

How is chondrosarcoma diagnosed?

The physician will initially use a CT or MRI scan to determine the presence of chondrosarcoma. cheap jerseys wholesale A biopsy is then required to determine if it is benign osteochondroma or cheap nfl jerseys wholesale malignant chondrosarcoma.

How is chondrosarcoma treated?

Treatment consists of surgery to remove the entire tumor. Both radiotherapy and chemotherapy have not shown any effects to help this form of bone cancer. Recurrences are treated cheap nfl jerseys more aggressively with surgery including amputation of the limb.

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