Tubal Pregnancy

What is a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy?

When a pregnancy occurs outside the womb it is called an ectopic pregnancy. Most of these pregnancies outside the uterus develop in the upper part of the fallopian tube on either side and would then be called tubal pregnancy, but it could rarely also develop in the cervix, the ovary or in the abdominal cavity. About 1 in 100 or 200 pregnancies are ectopic.

Why do tubal pregnancies occur?

Previous fallopian tube infection predisposes to a tubal pregnancy, because scarring of the fallopian tube from a prior infection interferes with the normal migration of the egg from the ovary to the uterine cavity. If the egg gets stalled in its journey or migrates too far (cervix), an ectopic pregnancy results.

What happens if a tubal pregnancy remains undetected?

If undetected, a tubal pregnancy rupture will occur 12 to 16 weeks from the first day of the last period and about 1 in 800 women wholesale nfl jersyes with a tubal pregnancy in the U.S. still die from this event despite the best possible care. This is because the blood vessels are engorged from the pregnancy (this is normal), that when it ruptures, there is an enormous amount of blood lost through abdominal bleeding. This can very quickly leads to circulatory collapse and hemorrhagic shock. This is very difficult to treat when the ambulance arrives at the hospital.

What are the signs and symptoms of tubal pregnancy?

Spotting could be one of the first symptoms associated with abdominal pain and cramping on the side where the fallopian tube pregnancy is located. These symptoms should prompt the woman to seek advice from her physician or gynecologist.

How is a tubal pregnancy diagnosed?

Physicians will use blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound to make a diagnosis. To confirm the diagnosis they will perform a surgery through a small incision on the abdomen (laparoscopy) to confirm the diagnosis.

How is a tubal pregnancy treated?

The sooner the tubal pregnancy can be spotted, the better. If it is less than 3.5 cm in diameter, and there is no fetal heart activity on ultrasound, medical treatment with methotrexate can be attempted. However, about 25% of these cases still need surgical intervention, as this method is not always successful.

A tube preserving technique is used, where the pregnancy and placenta are removed and then careful reconstructive surgery of is done, if necessary using an operative microscope. This way a normal pregnancy can often take place when the affected tube has been reopened through surgical means. Future pregnancies are followed with serial ultrasonic tests.

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