How is rheumatoid arthritis treated?

There is currently no cure for RA, however there are a number of anti-inflammatory drugs viral that can help patient’s symptoms. The goal in treatment of RA is to control the process and help affected joints remain functional.

General supportive measures such as seeking the advice of a physiotherapist and occupational therapist to get splints made and to preserve as much range of motion as possible through passive exercises followed by active exercises, may be the most important thing a patient can do. They should also use aids and appliances to make the surroundings as comfortable and safe as possible.

The following chart lists the treatment modalities available to help treat RA:

Treatment type Description and side effects
Initial treatment
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) Stomach irritation and kidney damage
COX-2 inhibitors Likely drug choice as they are not as toxic for the stomach lining or the kidney blood vessels as regular NSAIDs. Only suppresses an acute flare-up.
Corticosteroids (oral or joint injection) Dramatic response but can only be used short-term (less than 2 weeks). Long-term use can cause increased risk of osteonecrosis of the hip bone, immune system paralysis, and serious infections including systemic fungal infections.
Slow acting drugs (used during second stage – added after 2-4 months if NSAIDs Baratas Replicas Ray Ban or COX-2 inhibitors are ineffective):
Gold Can show impressive results with initial injection however, long-term treatment isn’t tolerated isn’t tolerated as well and toxic effects become apparent. Bone marrow suppression cheap jerseys wholesale is a potential danger.
Sulfasalazine Benefits may take up to 3 months to appear. May cause gastric irritation, bone marrow suppression, anemia, and a skin rash.
Hydroxychloroquine Serious side effects such as retinal degeneration limits its use.
Penicillamine Can also cause toxicity to bone marrow, kidneys (nephrosis), nervous system (myasthenia gravis), skin (pemphigus), muscles (polymyositis) and a lupus-like syndrome. A metallic taste and nausea are common, but often disappear with continued use.
Immunosuppressive drugs (used in resistant cases. Can have significant toxic side-effects on liver, bone marrow, and immune cells):
Methotrexate One of the more popular medications. It is an anti-cancer agent nfl jerseys shop that has a bone marrow suppressant side effect. It can’t be used by patients who have a history of heavy alcohol consumption or by diabetics. Liver function must be monitored during treatment. Can lead to serious viral or bacterial infections that can be life threatening.
Cyclosporine Costly treatment that has a toxic kidney effect that leads to high blood pressure. Other side effects include tremors, excessive gum growth (gingival hypertrophy), increased hair growth, and interaction with a large number of drugs.
Azathioprine Useful in cases when there is a cheap jordans online lot of joint swelling. Bone marrow and liver toxicity limit its use. There is also a cheap nfl jerseys shop danger of developing a lymphoma.
Cyclophosphamide Has similar side effects as all other immunosuppressive drugs. Prescribed by rheumatologist for vasculitis.

Newer approaches to treatment include a FDA approved non-drug method (IceWave patches from Lifewave), detoxification products (Y-Age patches from Lifewave), and hormone rebalancing.

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