How is ulcerative colitis treated?

This is one of the few diseases where avoidance of raw vegetables and fruits is important as the fiber can be enough mechanical trauma to perpetuate or worsen the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. Some patients improve on a milk-free diet.

Mild to moderate disease:

The physician will likely order some mild anti-diarrhea drugs. If the ulcerative colitis is only on the left side, then corticosteroid enemas for a period of time would be useful until the flare-up is under control. Mesalamine or 5-amino-salicylic acid (brand names: Rowasa, Asacol, Mesasal, Pentasa, Quintasa and Salofalk) are useful to control the inflammation and to tone down the symptoms. More extensive disease may respond to Wholesale NFL Jerseys Sulfasalazine (brand names: Salazopyrin, Azulfidine).

Moderately severe disease:

It usually requires oral corticosteroid treatment to control ulcerative colitis of this severity. The physician will gradually reduce the dose of cheap oakleys prednisone and attempt to switch over to Sulfasalazine cheap jordan shoes for maintenance.

Severe disease:

When a person with ulcerative colitis has more than 10 bloody bowel movements per day coupled with abdominal pain, a high temperature and a fast heart beat, the physician will likely decide to hospitalize this patient and get a referral to a gastroenterologist. High dosages of corticosteroids or ACTH hormone are given intravenously. There may be a place of medications that modulate the immune system such as azathioprine (Imuran) or mercaptopurine (brand name: Purinethol).

Cases that do not respond have to be carefully monitored in an ICU setting and possible urgent surgery to control the bleeding situation may have to be considered. Even if these patients who have a more severe form of ulcerative colitis recover and stabilize, a higher wholesale football jerseys china percentage of them will likely need an elective total colectomy, because they have more invasive disease with a higher colon cancer rate.

There is an FDA-approved hockey jerseys non-drug method available, IceWave patches from Lifewave, which will control pain. This would not be recommended in a case where imminent surgery is anticipated, but the majority of cases are chronic and the have chronic pain where this patch can be used for pain relief.

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