Signs and Symptoms

What are the signs and symptoms of lupus?

Lupus affects mainly women between 35 and 45. It often presents as non-specific joint pains often in the hands and tendons. Morning stiffness can be considerable also. Associated with this there may be profound inexplicable fatigue, cheap nfl jerseys wholesale mouth ulcers, and, more rarely, ulcerations in the nose or vagina. Light hypersensitivity occurs frequently in the face, the neck and upper chest area with the development of roundish skin lesions. Here is a picture link to a site showing the butterfly rash in the face .

Other signs and symptoms of lupus include:

• generalized arthritis<br cheap jerseys wholesale />
• skin manifestations such as facial butterfly rash, skin lesions in face, neck, chest
• rapid hair loss
• ulcerations in the mouth, nose or vagina
• fatigue
• major organ disease – a minority lupus affects kidneys, central nervous system, lungs and heart
• pleurisy (fluid in chest cavity) that may mimic pneumonia or pulmonary embolism
• pericarditis (fluid in sac around heart)
• lack of energy with physical exertion
• severe headaches
• epilepsy
• personality changes
• stroke
• psychosis
• enlarged lymph glands and spleen
• breathing problems

Unfortunately, more systemic features may develop. In 25-50% of patients with lupus, systemic Wholesale nfl Jerseys diseases such as kidney disease develop.

Brain lupus (cerebral lupus) is extremely rare, but oakley sunglasses sale when present can be very confusing. Such diverse clinical conditions as psychosis, epilepsy, organic brain syndrome and severe headaches can all be different manifestations of the same disease About process. Even replica oakleys strokes and personality changes do occur occasionally.

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