Ruptured Spleen

What is a Fake Ray Bans ruptured spleen?

Ruptured spleens occur most commonly as a result of a trauma to the lower left chest wall through an cheap jerseys china automobile accident, a sports injury, or a personal ray ban outlet injury. The trauma experienced placed stress on the spleen causing it to rupture. With a direct rupture there is massive blood loss into the abdominal cavity with acute symptoms and the development of shock.

What are the signs and symptoms of a ruptured spleen?

Signs and symptoms of a ruptured spleen include:
• Acute left upper abdominal pain;
• Problems taking a full breath;
• Blood loss;
• Rock hard abdomen;
• Circulatory collapse;
• Severe anemia; and
• Fullness nfl jerseys cheap of the spleen upon examination

How is a ruptured spleen treated?

In all cases, a surgeon should be consulted to remove the spleen or attempt a spleen preserving surgery. Most of the time the tissue of the spleen is so fragile that the only surgical option is to remove the spleen. Following the площадь removal (splenectomy) the patient is more susceptible to certain Cheap Jordan Sale bacterial infections.

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