What is myelophthisic anemia?

Myelophthisic anemia occurs when bone marrow wastes away (phthisis).

What causes myelophthisic anemia?

Myelophthisic anemia can be caused by a tumor that metastasizes (spreads) into the bone marrow, an inflammatory process (Tuberculosis, lupus etc.) or a lipid storage disease. Breast and prostate cancer are cancers that can commonly spread to the bones. A rare genetic cause is Albers-Schoenberg disease, where there is osteopetrosis, a calcification of the bones, which leads to fractures.

What are the signs and symptoms of myelophthisic anemia?

General symptoms include lack of energy, laziness, and other common signs and symptoms of anemia. In addition there are symptoms from the underlying condition. There may be abdominal pressure and a feeling of fullness early during a meal and right or left upper abdominal pain.

How is myelophthisic anemia diagnosed?

Anemia may be initially suspected depending Fake Ray Bans on the underlying condition present. A blood smear may be used by a hematologist for diagnosis while a physician may use a bone biopsy or an X-ray.

How is myelophthisic anemia treated?

It is important to first treat NFL Jerseys Cheap the underlying condition. In cases where the cause is not known supportive treatment is given. This consists of erythropoietin injections and corticosteroids.

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