What is hyperplenism?

One of the functions of the spleen is to remove red blood cells that are older than 120 days as well as old platelets. In disorders such as leukemia the spleen can be enlarged to several times cheap Oakleys sunglasses the normal wholesale nfl jerseys size (called splenomegaly). This enlargement causes the balance to tip and a condition (hypersplenism) develops disrupting the function of the spleen causing it to filter out more than one type of blood cell causing different conditions.

What Zelenih are the cheap oakleys signs and symptoms of nba jerseys sales hyperplenism?

The symptoms can be quite varied depending on the underlying cause of the hypersplenism. The following are the symptoms associated with potential underlying causes:
• Leukemia – weight loss and weakness with a high blood cell count, but missing platelets and red blood cells in the blood tests.
• Connective tissue disease (eg. Lupus) – joint involvement and possible skin lesions as well as typical blood titres (positive ANA titre).
• Diseases with an enlarged spleen – left upper abdominal pain and labored breathing with the left lung.
• Thrombocytopenia – pin-point bleeding of the skin is common (petechial bleeding). With
• Low white blood cell counts (leukopenia) – infections.
• Anemia – lack of energy, increased infection rates and delayed ray ban sale wound healing. With
• Cirrhosis of the liver – increased risk for bleeding from esophageal varices.

How is hyperplenism treated?

Treatment has to be individualized for each patient and is directed primarily against the underlying cause and secondarily against the symptoms of hypersplenism.

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