Heart Attack

What is a hearth attack (myocardial infarction)?

A heart attack is a critical state that can cause the heart to be unable to pump at full power (pump failure) and irregular heartbeats (arrhythmia) leading to cardiac fibrillation and death.

What are the signs and symptoms of a heart attack?

The majority of patients will experience chest pain in the left chest area and possibly left arm pain. There is often a period of a few weeks to days before signs and symptoms of a heart attack develop, where the patient experiences fatigue, shortness of breath and pain behind Watch the chest bone. When the actual heart attack hits, the chest pain is merely getting more pronounced, may feel like a crushing pain or like a piercing pain going right through into the back. Associated with this is often a left-sided arm pain and jaw pain. There may be a shortness of breath and clammy blue skin.

How is a heart attack diagnosed?

The physician will assess the patient and do appropriate tests like an ECG, blood work for cardiac enzymes, start IV lines and give intravenous fluid. A cardiac monitor is applied to the patient to indicate whether there are any dangerous irregular heart beats developing.

Within a short period of cheap authentic jordans time the cardiac enzymes will be reported back to the physician and indicate whether or not damage to the heart muscle has occurred. When in doubt, the cardiologist may want to do a stress test of the heart. This is an exercise test combined with ECG’s before, during and after the test to see whether the oxygen supply to the heart muscle remains constant during exercise or whether it drops off.

How is a heart attack treated?

It is important to treat this condition right away due to the conditions that could develop if left untreated. Arrhythmias, heart failure and hypotension could develop, leading to cardiogenic shock and death.

Treatment includes arrhythmia medications (Xylocaine and others), diuretics, oxygen therapy and possibly thrombolytic therapy. A Swan-Ganz catheter might have to be placed in the right heart to measure pressures inside the heart and to be able to know exactly Fake Oakleys how much of each wholesale nfl jersyes of the various specific heart medications to give.

What are some of the late complications following a heart attack?

Within the first year following a heart attack about 10% will develop a further heart attack. Others will develop sudden irregular heartbeats which sometimes can be life threatening and difficult to treat. Another complication is congestive heart failure. All of these complications require an assessment by a cardiologist.

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