What is endometritis?

Endometritis is a uterine infection that is not as common as an infection of the fallopian tubes. The risk of developing endometritis is higher when there is a foreign body such as a intrauterine device (IUD) in place. Similarly infections can occur with a variety of bacteria following an incomplete abortion or following a delivery with incomplete expulsion of retained placenta.

What are the signs and symptoms of endometritis?

With a post-delivery infection (puerperal infection) there is a fever in the first few days Cheap Jordan Shoes after Buffet the delivery, which may abruptly take off on the third day following the delivery. There is also usually a foul smelling discharge, which should be cultured for bacteria and sensitivity tests. The woman often feels cramps in the lower mid abdomen, which originates from the uterus.

How is endometritis treated?

The deteriorating infection requires antibiotics, for more serious infection intravenously, for milder infections orally. At the same time the physician will ensure that there is no retained placental tissue or fetal parts following an incomplete abortion.

Abdominal ultrasound investigations and a CT or MRI scan can assist the gynecologist in assessing the situation. Blood tests can also assist in the determination whether or not surgery is required. Surgery consists in evacuating the uterine cavity of foreign material after the infection has been contained. With an IUD that has been in place for more than 30 days, the IUD often can be left in place and the infection can successfully be treated.

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