What is diverticulitis?

Diverticulitis occurs when the opening of a diverticle gets inflamed and so swollen that it forms a closed chamber where the bacteria in the colon multiply. This can quickly turn into a diverticular abscess. Fortunately, the patient has symptoms of diverticulitis are strong enough to prompt the patient to seek medical help. The prescription of antibiotics will help heal the diverticulitis before reaching the abscess stage or bowel perforation and peritonitis.

What 《梦想城镇》全新版本来袭 are the signs and symptoms discount oakley of diverticulitis?

Patients typically experience acute pain in the lower left abdomen as most of the cases cheap nfl jerseys are located in the left decending colon (sigmoid). The patient is Cheap Jerseys also likely to have a high fever.

How is diverticulitis treated?

Milder cases are treated with antibiotics while more severely ill patients are usually nfl jerseys china admitted to the hospital for intravenous fluids and wholesale nfl jerseys antibiotics. The physician will follow up the treatment with blood tests, a Barium enema, or a colonoscopy. A CT scan and/or ultrasound may be necessary to check for a pelvic abscess in case of persistent fever.

A patient with acute perforation and peritonitis will need the perforated piece of colon removed through a surgical procedure. The danger after peritonitis is the extensive scarring, which in future can lead to recurrent bowel obstructions, which often have to be attended to surgically again.

Here is an article with more detail about diverticulitis.

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