Bladder Infection

What is a bladder infection?

Simply put, a bladder infection is an infection in the bladder. The bacteria causing the infection can travel from the bladder to the kidney, causing a kidney infection (pyelonephritis). The combination of these infections is more commonly known as a urinary tract infection (UTI).

What are the signs and symptoms of a bladder infection?

While an infection of the urethra is mild and comes on gradually, the onset of a bladder infection is abrupt with frequent and painful urination. There is a stinging, burning feeling when urinating, with very small amounts of urine being released during urination. Even when the bladder is empty, it feels as if there nfl jerseys china is more urine in Cheap Jordans the bladder. About a third of patients with a bladder infection have blood in the urine, which originates from the inflamed bladder wall. There is also a burning pain just above the pelvic bone deep inside the lower mid abdomen.

How is a bladder infection diagnosed?

A physician may order a mid-stream urine sample to cheap football jerseys detect more the presence of a bladder infection.

How is a bladder infection treated?

To treat a patient’s bladder infection, wholesale nfl jerseys the physician will prescribe an antibiotic. As there is usually a silent kidney infection also present the antibiotic prescribed will target both infections. If the patient does not get better in a few days, the physician may request more tests to identify a more effective antibiotic. Follow-up exams Cheap Ray Bans may be necessary to ensure that there is no venereal disease elsewhere in the body.

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