What is aplastic anemia?

Aplastic anemia is one of the rare forms of anemia. It develops as a result of a loss of precursor cells (cells that naturally develop into other types of cells) in the bone marrow. It can occur in two forms, the more common affects white blood cell, thrombocyte (cell involved in blood clotting) and red blood cell (RBC) production. The other less common form affects only RBC production.

What causes aplastic anemia?

Half of the aplastic anemia cases are without any known causes. The other cases are due to genetic factors or a variety of causes including chemicals, radiation, and medication. It is thought that some people are born with cheap football jerseys a selective cheap nfl jerseys hypersensitivity of the bone marrow to some of the listed causes.

There are two congenital forms of aplastic anemia. Fanconi’s anemia is a genetic syndrome that combines aplastic anemia with bone deformities, lack of gonad function (hypogonadism), small head size (microcephaly), and skin pigmentations. Diamond-Blackfan anemia occurs in infancy of childhood and is characterized by short stature and thumb abnormalities.

How is aplastic anemia diagnosed?

A complete blood count in the patient is performed to identify key cell level changes.

How is aplastic anemia treated?

Treatment for aplastic anemia uses intravenously administered immunosuppressive infusion therapy.

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