How is osteoporosis treated?

There are a number of fake ray bans steps one can take to minimize further bone oakley outlet loss, prevent fractures, and ease pain. Treatment requires a multi-angled approach guided by the physician and patient. Patients should take the time to discuss cheap jerseys with their physician the pros and cons between different treatments. There is often more than one way to treat osteoporosis successfully.

The following table lists the various treatment methods available to patients:

Treatment Description
Prevention of falls Installation of carpeting, wearing hip protectors, and possible cataract surgery to ensure good vision
Calcium supplements 1000 – 1500 mg a day
Vitamin D 400 IU oakley sunglasses sale to 800 IU – improves absorption and utilization of calcium
Calcitonin (injection or nasal wholesale jerseys spray) Hormone that reduces bone pains and healing fractures for up to 3 months
Biphosphonates Alendronate (Fosomax) inhibits osteoclast related bone absorption, increases bone density and prevents fractures in postmenopausal women
Sodium fluoride
Increase in physical activity Walking, swimming, stretching exercises
Dietary changes A zone type diet will build bone by avoiding hyperinsulinism
Physiotherapy treatments Strengthen and balance muslces to improve gait Poun and prevent falls

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