How is ankylosing spondylitis treated?

Controlling inflammation is the main goal in treating ankylosing spondylitis. Anti-inflammatories are commonly prescribed to help reduce inflammation, thereby lowering the effects of scarring and calcification in the spine and joints. In cases where a single joint is affected, a physician or rheumatologist will use corticosteroids. Ophthalmologists use topical corticosteroid drops in the case of an acute eye infection.

Treatment for all forms of arthritis can also include use of hot baths, daily exercise, and physical therapy. These treatments are aimed at maintaining and regaining full range of motion and strength.

Other spondyloarthropaties also require specialized treatment:

• A three-month treatment of doxycycline is required for patients with Reiter’s Syndrome and their sexual partners.
Psoriatic arthritis required anti-inflammatory medications alongside therapies to help treat psoriasis.
Reactive and enteropathic arthritis are treated symptomatically while underlying diseases are treated.

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