How is chondromalacia treated?

Grade I and II chondromalacia need a reactivation program, as activitiy without overdoing it will strengthen the cartilage. Walking and swimming would be appropriate exercises as well as quadriceps strengthening exercises and physiotherapy treatments.

For grade III and IV chondromalacia it depends how Cheap Jerseys the clinical condition of the patient is. If there is a lot of pain and there is some intermittent locking of the knee, it may well be that some loose bodies are at times locking the knee.

For grade III and IV chondromalacia it can be justified for the orthopedic surgeon to do an arthroscopy, assess the damage, shave off any irregularities and flush out any loose particles from the knee. This will likely give the patient at least 5 more good years without knee problems, until likely more degenerative changes happen, which might require orthopedic surgery again.

There is an FDA approved non-drug method available, IceWave patches from Lifewave, which will control pain.

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