How is lower back pain treated?

Therapy varies considerably depending on the underlying cause of the acute low back pain. Most back pain is simply self-limiting but extremely annoying to the patient. In the acute phase, icing the back may give some relief. If the pain persists or a cause is found, one of the following treatment methods may be required:

Cause Treatment
Lower back strain (facet joint disease) Chiropractic or physiotherapy followed by active exercise
Degenerative disc cheap football jerseys china and facet joint disease Anti-inflammatory medication and physiotherapy treatments, swimming; end-stage may respond to surgery
Spondyloarthropathies Anti-inflammatory medication; rheumatologist referral for more specific therapy
Osteoporosis Regular walking and swimming; alcohol and caffeine avoidance, quit smoking; use calcium, biphosphonates, vitamin D
Scoliosis Bracing during growth spurts; good posture; strengthening exercises; severe cases required surgery (with Harrington rods)
Spinal stenosis Decompression surgery in severe cases
Post-traumatic fibromyalgia Low dose antidepressants, cognitive therapy, and mild physical exercise
Disc herniation (with or without sciatica) Requires surgery in 3% of cases, most cases heal on their own
Spondylolisthesis and other congenital malformations In later stages surgery is required
Bone metastases Chemotherapy often required to treat underlying cancer
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