Signs and Symptoms

The onset of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is mostly very gradual, but at times can begin with an acute episode. It tends to simultaneously affect small joints in the upper neck and hands (polyarthritis). There will be pain, swelling, heat, some redness of the overlying skin, and loss of range of motion of the affected joints. The joints have fluid build-up (effusions) and the tissue become inflamed (synovitis). This process leads to eventual scarring and joint stiffness.

Unfortunately the inflammatory process does not stop at the joint level, but it also involves the tendons that travel cheap oakleys sunglasses across the joints in the hands and support ligaments. Loss of these support structures leads to deformities. Tendons thicken and can even rupture due to a softening of the structure as a result of the inflammatory process.

The immune system is altered and produces an abnormal antibody (rheumatoid antibody). If it is low, the disease isn’t widespread. If it is high, the disease is more aggressive and widespread in the joints of the body.

Other common signs and symptoms may include:

  • Subluxations of the joints between first and second vertebraes (atlantoaxial subluxation) – danger of developing spinal constriction and/or spinal cord compression;
  • Rheumatoid nodules – hard eskisehir lumps in the skin at the outside of the elbows or Achilles tendons. It may occurs in 20% of RA patients.
  • Vascular damage – includes skin cheap jordan shoes ulcers, blocked blood vessels, and kidney damage;
  • Eye irritation
    • Episcleritis – reddening, light sensitivity, cheap football jerseys increased tear flow and tenderness.
    • Scleritis – severe pain that interferes with sleep and appetite. There can be sensitivity to light, redness, and a blue-grey appearance of the outer coating of eyeball (sclera). There is also potential of permanent damaged due to spontaneous rupture of the eye.
  • Neurological problems – includes nerve entrapments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar neuropathy (affects sensitivity and strength of hands and wrist, tarsal tunnel syndrome (occurs in ankles/feet), cheap jerseys and other rare signs. Also, nerve root compression is commonly found in the upper parts of the spine but sometimes cheap China Jerseys in other areas of the spine as well.

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