Signs and Symptoms

Lupus often presents as non specific joint pains, Cheap Football Jerseys often in the hands, with tendons also being affected. A patient can also experience morning stiffness and profound fatigue that cannot be explained otherwise.

Other common signs and symptoms may include:

• Ulcers – usually in the mouth with rare cases in the nose or vagina;
• Skin lesions – due to light hypersensitivity mainly in the face, neck, and upper chest area eg. butterfly rash (See also skin involvement in discoid lupus); and
• rapid hair loss.

Twenty-five to 50% of patients with lupus develop kidney disease. In extremely rare conditions, the lupus can locate itself in the brain (cerebral lupus) Cheap Jordans and must be delineated from a wide range of other similar clinical conditions such as psychosis, epilepsy, and organic brain syndrome.

Other vital organs such as the heart and the lungs can also be affected. There can be breathing problems when water in the lungs develops (pleurisy) or a build-up of fluid in the tissue sac that surrounds the heart (pericarditis). This can be life threatening if it leads to cardiac tamponade, a condition where the fluid is under pressure and the heart has a hard time pumping blood. On rare occasions a vasculitis of the coronary arteries can develop, which can lead to a sudden heart attack in a young patient.

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