Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Although degenerative arthritis can affect anyone, there are certain groups that are more susceptible than others. The following factors increase the risk of developing degenerative arthritis:

Gender: Women tend to develop more severe degenerative arthritis than men, especially in their hands and knees.

Race: Degenerative arthritis is more common to Caucasians and very uncommon for Asian or black populations.

Age: Symptoms typically appear around the age of 45 and peaking at about age 65. There is a plateau beyond the age of 70, perhaps due to less mobility.

Weight: When obesity is present, weight dependent joints such as hips and knees can be affected.

Biomechanical factors: People that suffer from misalignment problems such as knock-knees (genu vagus) or bowleggedness (genu varus) can develop premature degenerative arthritis of the knee.

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