How is lower back pain diagnosed?

Diagnosing the exact cause of lower back pain can be quite challenging. Obvious initial findings include pain and decreased range of motion. Physicians will also check the patellar reflex and ankle jerk reflex as a weak tendon reflex at the knee would point to a nerve root compression. Observation of the patient tends to be the only test done by a physician up to 6 weeks into acute back pain.

Physicians can use the following tools to make a diagnosis:

• CT scan – in cases of sciatic pain;
• MRI scan – in cases of sciatic pain and to find degenerative changes;
• Myelogram – in cases where the physicians isn’t entirely sure NFL Jerseys Cheap about the extent of spinal stenosis;
• X-ray – if osteoporosis, degenerative changes or a compression fracture is suspected;
• Bone scan – screening method for bone metastases and arthritis of facet joints; and
• Blood tests – used depending on what conditions the physician is looking for. Can rule out anklylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid Baratas Ray Ban arthritis, and lupus.

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