How is cancer treated?

One or a combination of the following treatment methods may be used:
Surgery – Involves the physical removal of the cancer. Complications include infection and bleeding or blood clots.

Radiotherapy (radiation) – Form of treatment that uses radioactive substances. It is often applied following surgery.

Chemotherapy – Use of chemical agents to kill cancer cells.

Other proven cancer therapies include:

Hyperthermia – Artificial fever can break up more of the fragile cancer cells but leave normal cells intact.

Photodynamic therapy – Therapy which uses a sensitizer and a strong light with a certain wavelength to release cancer toxic compounds locally.

The taxanes – Chemotherapy treatment that directly interferes with cell division.

How is cancer pain managed?

Oncologists (cancer experts) are usually the ones who know most about cancer pain and how to treat it. Pain medication may be used. There is an FDA-approved non-drug method available, IceWave patches from Lifewave, which will control pain.

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are a powerful tool that university hospitals use when new more effective therapies are developed. The trials are conducted in three phases:
Phase I: The purpose is to determine an appropriate dosage of medication that is safe to use in the phase II trial. In the case of cancer patients the clinician works with advanced discount oakley cases, resistant to the standard therapy, but major organ function in these patients has to be intact as proven by blood tests.

Phase II clinical trial: A medication is tested in a patient group most likely to benefit from it.

Phase III clinical trial: This arm of the trial provides reliable information about the effectiveness of the new treatment. Patients’ welfare is measured by exact end points. In the case of cancer therapies, improved survival is measured.

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