What is stomach Telugu cancer?

Stomach cancer is type of cancer that occurs in the stomach.

What causes stomach cancer?

Although there is a genetic predisposition in certain families, the main factors that cause Fake Ray Bans stomach cancer are found in the food we eat, the water we drink, the cigarette smoke we inhale (if we smoke, but also to a lesser extent as secondary smoke), NFL Jerseys Cheap and the cancer producing substances (carcinogens) we get exposed to at work or in city oakley sunglasses cheap streets. Risk factors lead to a change in the ray ban sunglasses sale lining of the stomach (called intestinal metaplasia).

Risk factors include:
• Nitrate consumption;
• Smoking;
• Work (rubber industry, coal workers);
• Lack of refrigeration;
• Old scars in stomach (due to previous surgery);
• Gastric cheap nhl jerseys atrophy;
• Low social class;
• Chronic stomach infections;
• Genetic predisposition (rare);
• Poor drinking water;
• Smoked foods;
• Low fat and low protein diet;
• Salted fish or meat; and
• Low vitamin A and C diet.

Who does it affect?

Stomach cancer is twice as common in males than in females. It tends to occur between the ages of 40 and 70 years-old with a peak in the late 60s.

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