Somatoform Disorders

What are somatoform disorders?

This is a group of disorders where the symptoms ray ban sunglasses cannot be explained medically. However, the distress over these symptoms is so severe that it causes problems at work, socially, and in other functional areas. There are five major subgroups:

What is somatization disorder?

This disorder usually begins before the age of 30 years. There are a multitude of physical symptoms, but the doctor cannot come up with any abnormalities.

What are the signs and symptoms of somatization disorder?

The wholesale nfl jersyes symptoms often center around abdominal complaints, but other areas such as the head, the back, joints, the cheap football jerseys rectum or the chest wholesale football jerseys are also common. Pain with menstruation, sex or with urination is also frequently present. Symptoms start usually in the teens and are present in most patients by the age of 25.

How is somatization disorder treated?

The patient needs a physician who follows the patient along, will do tests to rule out cheap Oakleys sunglasses serious conditions or diseases, but be otherwise firm and empathetic. Most of all, the patient needs this physician to prevent unnecessary diagnostic and therapeutic tests. Unfortunately psychiatric counselling sessions as well as psychological treatments tend to fail.

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