Rheumatoid Arthritis

What is rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most common connective tissue disorder. It is an autoimmune disease causing parts of joints to become chronically inflamed. Eventually the ligaments and cartilage in the joint are destroyed, resulting in joint stiffness, severe disability, and premature death. In the past, it was responsible for most of the chronic crippling images. Despite the high number of new treatments, RA remains an important cause of disability and cause of premature death.

Who does it affect?

There seems cheap football jerseys to be a genetic predisposition associated with RA. Caucasians are significantly more prone to develop the disease. In Western countries, RA affects about 2% of the population. Young women are more affected by the disease than men at a ratio of 3:1. In elderly people, the ratio between female and male is equal.

Syndromes related to rheumatoid arthritis include:

Sjögren’s syndrome causes dry mouth and eyes in patients. They must use artificial tears to prevent serious eye damage including blindness. Dryness can also develop in the skin, mucous membranes of the nose, throat, upper airways and bronchial tubes, and the genitals. It can also cause:
• more frequent episodes of bronchitis and pneumonia;
• lymphomas – patients are at a risk 40-fold over a healthy person; and
• pancreatitis; and
• joint swelling and progression of symptoms similar as in RA yet much more benign and self-limiting.

Treatment is conservative and concentrates on control of the symptoms. Care and must be taken that the physician does not harm the patient by an overuse of corticosteroids or any drugs that could trigger the development of a lymphoma as their immune ray ban outlet system is already compromised.

Felty Syndrome

This syndrome consists of a combination of RA , enlarged spleen, and bone marrow suppression (with low white blood cell counts). NFL Jerseys Cheap It leads to serious infections because of a weakness in the immune system and vasculitis, which is associated cheap nfl jerseys with leg ulcers and nerve damage (mononeuritis). Other findings are low platelets associated with prolonged bleeding and anemia. Also, the lymph glands can Fake Ray Bans be enlarged.

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