What is osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis)?

Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory joint disease. It is the most common form of arthritis in elderly people. It is caused by a change in the metabolism of the aging joint. Eventually bone rubs on bone, Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys which feels like a joint crackling to the patient or the examining hand of the physician.

What are the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis?

The signs and symptoms are usually subtle jordan retro 11 and take several years to develop. Usually Cheap nfl Jerseys only one or very few joints are affected. The earliest sign is pain and swelling with exercise. nfl jerseys china With rest the symptoms improve, overnight the affected joint stiffens up, but it remobilizes very quickly after morning stiffness of less than 30 minutes. As time goes on the joint no longer has a full range of motion (ROM), it is getting stiffer. With a lot of fluid the pressure custom jerseys build-up can be so painful that the joint locks in place due to excruciating pain.

How is osteoarthritis diagnosed?

Osteoarthritis is diagnosed using X-rays, patient’s history, and clinical 11 examination.

How is osteoarthritis treated?

Treatment includes anti-inflammatory medications, healthy nutrition, exercise, regular sleep, and replacement with bio-identical hormones.

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