Mood Disorders

What are mood disorders?

Mood disorders include:

What is depression?

Depression is a very common Cheap nfl Jerseys illness. It exists in several forms. If only depressive episodes occur with normal periods of the affect in between, this is called unipolar disorder. Other people seem to be very light dependent and suffer from depression mainly during the winter months. These are said to have seasonal affective disorder. Depression often comes as a reaction to what happens to a person, such as the loss cheap nfl jerseys wholesale of a husband, wife, child or the depression that occurs after the loss of annuity a job. This type of Fake Ray Bans depression is called reactive depression.

What are the signs and Oakleys sunglasses Outlet symptoms of depression?

Signs and symptoms of depression include:

  • irritability;
  • · anxiety;
  • depressed looking face;
  • · tearfulness;
  • · lack of sleep;
  • restless sleep with early morning awakening;
  • · loss of appetite;
  • weight loss or weight gain;
  • low sex drive;
  • slow and monotonous speech;
  • negative attitude; and
  • suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

How is depression treated?

Behind depression is a hormone imbalance in the hypothalamus where the mood is thought to be at least in part cheap nfl jerseys located. Counselling is one treatment that can be done by a psychiatrist, psychologist, physician or other therapist who is trained in it. The purpose of counselling is to give support, but also to influence the depressed person to see the other side of life that is not depressed and to help in the transition of taking responsibility for the way we think. The physician may also choose to prescribe anti-depressants.

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